Natural Holiday Entrance Decor

My decor style is normally pretty modern with a dash of glitz and a side of glam. But, this year, I decided to take a more natural approach for our apartment entrance decor.

I love the smell of fresh pine—and instead of spending a fortune on a faux glitz and glam wreath, this year I purchased a super plain and bare pine wreath for $9 from a local shop.

Then, from another local shop I bought a ton of loose greens—eucalyptus, fir, spruce, more pine, and a little juniper. With no plan, I just cut all the greens up and started sticking them into the existing plain and bare wreath until it looked full and textured. Later on, dded in some pearls, because….I am who I am. (: It’s not perfect, but I did this last year, and I’m making progress. I plan to make this into a little fun tradition.

The next piece I decorated our little entrance with is a red, vintage, “north pole,” mailbox. I’ve been so obsessed with american antique mailboxes lately, when I found a “north pole,” mailbox, I couldn’t resist. I used the same concept of sticking greens all over the place like I did with the bare wreath. I opened up the top flap of the vintage mailbox (where Santa’s mail is supposed to go….) and started stuffing in holiday greens and pearls until it was fluffy and full.

I’m so obsessed with this little vintage mailbox. I am so excited to keep it forever and make it a tradition for our family to incorporate into our Christmas decor every year. I’d love to see some of your most cherished decor and holiday decor traditions you may have—share them with me in the comments! (: Happy Holidays!