Something Old: Gifts with Meaning

I’ve been waiting to write this post until after Christmas so I didn’t give away any surprises! For those who know me, I cannot keep gifts a secret!

One of my favorite things about gift giving is the hunt for the perfect, meaningful, and thoughtful gift.

My mom loves to go “antiquing.” When I was young, I remember my mom taking my sister and I to antique shops during a girls day out together.

Understatement of the year: my sister and I HATED it! We hated going into antique shops so much we would purposefully follow mom around the store fake yawning as loud as we could until we embarrassed her so much we left.

Well guess what, now I love antiquing. There is something so special about finding vintage pieces—they tell a story and make you think.

I hit the antique jackpot this year with my mom’s Christmas gift. I spent hours in a lovely antique store, reading, rummaging, imagining of a simpler time, thinking of the people who once owned these beautiful pieces. To some, it may seem like old junk, that’s what I thought when I was a little girl, but now I consider it treasure.


Darling vintage red lantern

The moment I saw this tarnished, slightly beaten, red lantern, I knew it was special.


Old books…

Often, in old vintage books you find hand-written letters or dedications. That’s one of my favorite parts of looking through old books.

My mom and I have both been inspired by colonial America in our decor and style lately so these books could not have been more perfect to go along with the lantern: A Dictionary of American Antiques, From Every Land, and The Virginian.


My favorite treasure of all…

This book is my favorite treasure of all: A dictionary of American Antiques. How perfect for my mom! Looking through this book before mailing it to her was so fun. I learned so much about early American architecture, decor, it’s meaning, and history.


Beautiful covers…

Old books have some of the most beautiful, simple, inspiring designs.

So, thank you mom, for making me do things I hated when I was young. And to my best friends out there who are young mommies and need some encouragement: it’ll all be worth it. An annoying loud and fake yawn meant to embarrass you comes from pure love and turns into a passion and hobby one day. (: I love you, mommy.