Wine + Cheese Soiree

Mason and I hosted a little Wine + Cheese Soiree this weekend with some of our sweet and dear friends we haven’t seen in a while. (GOD BLESS YOU, MATT, JESSICA, JOSH, AND SARAH! WE LOVE YOU!) Here’s a little recap along with some Katie rule’s on how to host the perfect Wine + Cheese Soiree.

Rule #1: Always be the hostess with the mostest. That means, if you’re entertaining, have lots, and lots, and lots, of food and drinks ready for your guests.



Here’s what you need to master this:

Cheese, darn good, expensive cheese. Italian meats. French baguettes. Dried fruits, fresh fruits. Nuts on nuts. Whole grain mustard. Fig Butter. Mini sweet pickles. Gold cheese knives, of course, all served on a giant marble slab. Katie style.

Rule #2: Have a variety of Reds and Whites. Unless you know your guests’ tastes. Our guests, including Mason and I, are bold red fans.


A variety of Reds…

Again, all served on a marble slab, Katie style.

Two bold Cabernets, and one Old World Rioja, aged 10 years, heavenly beauty.


A variety of Whites…

Iced, of course, in a cute bucket, we have brut, because there’s no such thing as a Katie party without bubbly. Pinot Grigio, and then a little Pellegrino to make sure we all stay hydrated. (:

Rule #3: Party Favors. Send your guests home with one for the road.


Prosecco to go…

Mini-bubbly bottles make the perfect party favor for any wine night.

Rule #4: Spare no details. Fill glass jars with wine corks, lay out every type of wine glass in the world for your guests to choose from, make your husband iron your dinner napkins one by one until no wrinkles are in sight, you know, the usual.


Corks in a jar…

Cute, easy, simple, perfect for the theme.

Rule #5: As the hostess, drink one, potentially two glasses of Champagne before your guests arrive. You know, right now, I am on the twenty-four hour, Champagne diet, spillin’ while I’m sippin’, I encourage you to try it. So, maybe I went beyond two none ya business. (:


Rule #6: Thank the heck out of your friends who embrace your over-the-top ways. You’re golden, my dears. Cheers!