To Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and America, from Katie Farris, a female, conservative, millennial:

Congratulations. You are the youngest woman to serve in Congress in the HISTORY of the United States of America. You are making HISTORY and you should be so proud—I am proud of you. I know you are proud of yourself because you’re a strong woman, but seeing people demean you and your name since the day you announced your candidacy, I know must be hard.

For that I am sorry. I don’t agree with you politically. I don’t like your ideas, and never would I ever vote for you.

But I will never disrespect you. I will never share a meme saying you are stupid and unfit for congress like many of my fellow conservatives have. What good does that do other than affirm the myth that conservatives and republicans don’t support women leaders?  

I have read some of the most disrespecting, demeaning, and rude words towards you online. I know you’re strong, but you’re also human. And again, to make it clear, I don’t agree with you politically. However, I value you because you are a human being and strong woman who stands up for what you believe in.

As a young professional woman, I too have been personally disrespected, ignored, and degraded at times.

There will never be any change to the way women are treated until women start respecting other women—despite our differences. So, Congresswoman, congratulations on making history. I’d dance too, if I was in your shoes.

To Americans:

As I scroll through my Facebook and Twitter feeds, I am saddened about how divided our country has become and how we are responding to it. When was the last time you had a rational conversation with someone who believes differently than you, rather than disrespecting them on social media? It is easy to spout off from behind the keyboard, but it takes depth of character to have a respectful conservation either online, or in person.

I’m guilty too, and I promise to do better. I hope this letter encourages us all to work harder to respect all human beings, created by the one true, God, no matter our differences.

Yes, that means, the President, the janitor that takes out your trash at the end of the day, congresswomen and congressmen, your barista, etc.…

I am tired of people disrespecting one another because our beliefs are different. I am especially weary of women disrespecting other women.

Now, to all my fellow republicans, conservatives and libertarians, (and haters), if you’re really that upset about Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez serving our country in Congress that you have to resort to personally attacking her and constantly share immature and disrespectful memes on social media, then do what she did:

Stand up for what you believe in. Work hard in your community. Volunteer for political campaigns that you believe in. Heck, even run for congress, you might just make history.


Who ‘dis, Katie Farris