Be Nice to your Skin this Weekend

This weekend, I’m taking it easy, because starting next week—life is about to get real crazy, but in a good way. Be sure to follow my blog—I’ll be sharing some fun projects I’ve been working on along with a new series of “hustle” blog posts.

Since I’m taking it easy (you should too! You deserve it!), I’m dedicating the weekend to being nice to my skin.

When I see a blemish start to form, I’m the girl who runs to the bathroom frantically for the extraction tool and scrubs my face way too harshly with an acne cleanser, which does way more harm than good.

Here’s how I’m being nice to my skin this weekend with some new beauty products and a few old standbys. (:


Micellar Water

Total drugstore win. Shandi Darden approved!

Micellar Water is so gentle and soothing and gets all the makeup and pollution from the day off your face like a magnet! In the morning in evening, apply micellar water to a cotton round and watch all the junk come right off your face. (: This Garnier miceller water is a total drug store win. It works just as amazing as any other luxury brand, Shandi Darden even approved!


Glam Glow Supermud

Amazing for saying toodles to pesky blackheads.

This is a few favorite product of mine. I can’t say enough great things about it! It’s a great at home, all natural, mask for clearing your pores instantly. I promise you’ll love it. Click here to purchase!


Obagi Nu-Derm Gentle Cleanser

Be gentle when cleansing your face!

Stop the harsh scrubbing and be gentle this weekend by using a nice gentle cleanser. This Obagi cleanser is my new favorite thanks to my friends at Wydnhurst Medical Aesthetics! A drug store alternative if you don’t have access to Obagi is Neutrogena Ultra Gentle Daily Cleanser.


Trader Joe’s Rich Hydrating Face Sheet Mask

My favorite old standby. (:

Finally, my favorite hydrating face sheet mask EVER: Trader Joe’s Rich Hydrating Face Sheet Mask with hyaluronic acid, honey, chamomile extract, pomegranate extract, rose hip oil, blue algae extract, camellia oil, and propolis extract all in a 100% cotton sheet mask. GLORIOUS.

Be nice to your skin this weekend and have a cup of tea while you’re at it, Monday will thank you!

Share your favorite gentle facial products with me in the comments!