Women in God's Grand Design

Women are so special in God’s grand design. As a young twenty-something woman working in the professional world, I’ve failed, succeeded, failed again, again, and again. In my short time working in the professional world, I’ve learned a lot.

I have been given an incredible opportunity in my current role. But in the past year, I’ve had so many moments of fear, weakness, thoughts of not being good enough, thoughts of being too young and too inexperienced, and so on.

Even through those thoughts, typically, I walk boldly with my head held high, eyes on the prize, like I’m the woman of the hour. But if you’ve been following my blog you know I’ve been struggling with anxiety, depression, and trauma.

However, for the first time in nearly a year, yesterday I walked out of my office at the end of the day feeling confident, powerful, and like myself again. And I have A LOT of people to thank for that moment.

So, here’s what happened yesterday morning, before this moment of confidence…

Some of the best advice I’ve been given is to journal. Especially to journal during times that are once in a lifetime experiences or opportunities.

In the summer of 2015, I was preparing to move to Washington, D.C., for an internship at Young America’s Foundation. Before leaving, a strong, and very special woman to me, gifted me with a notebook and a note encouraging me to journal during my internship and time in D.C.

Yesterday, when I woke up and started my morning quiet time and prayer, I was having one of those days where I was so overwhelmed and I didn’t even know what to pray for. I felt weak. So, I raised my hands and said out loud, “God, just speak to me.” I sat in complete silence for a few moments. Then, I suddenly jolted and remembered the advice that had been given to me in 2015.

I frantically went to the storage closet and searched through my journals. I read and read and read until I found exactly what God wanted me to hear. And sure enough, it came from the journal of summer 2015 during my internship.

I was attending a Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute seminar at the National Republican Club of Capitol Hill. Multiple strong, courageous, intelligent, bold women spoke at this seminar and this journal entry from 2015 is EXACTLY what I needed to hear in 2019 as I headed into another day at work, as a young woman, feeling weak, overwhelmed, inexperienced, and not good enough.

I want to share some highlights from this journal entry that led me to my moment of feeling like myself again:

·         “Be the hardest working person in the room,” – Marji Ross

·         “You can save lives and change minds by speaking out and being bold,” – Bay Buchanan

·         “Contribute to the conversation when you have something worthwhile to say,” – Bay Buchanan

·         “Don’t run for Miss Congeniality,” – Cleta Mitchell

·         “Be respected rather than striving to be liked,” – Cleta Mitchell

Those quotes are just a few of many from that journal entry that empowered me for my day what lied ahead.

The quote I’ll never forget and always have in the back of my mind is, “be respected rather than striving to be liked.” Because, the truth is, sometimes, we have to do the hard things.

That day I remembered all of these quotes, along with others as I had to do some hard things, have some tough conversations, be bold and speak up and speak out.

That day I was the hardest working person in the room. That day I was bold. That day I spoke out when I had something worthwhile to say. That day I did not run for Miss Congeniality. That day I was respected and I was liked. That day I walked out of my office at the end of the day feeling confident, powerful, and like myself again for the first time in nearly a year.

Women are so special in God’s grand design. God wove together so many strong women at various points in time, from all walks of life, to help speak to me in my moment of weakness so I could be made strong again and make a difference in my current role.

So today, if you’re feeling weak like I was, read these quotes, I hope they empower you. And remember, women are so special and important in God’s grand design. If and when God speaks to you, listen, and go be a light to the world.


Katie Farris