Something Old: Gifts with Meaning Pt. 2

If you’re a dog lover and you know it clap your hands!

My friends and I are all OBSESSED with our pups. One of my best friends on the entire planet, Heather, has the cutest Golden Retriever, Millie.

Today, I was rummaging through an antique booth at an event we are having at my property, and I found the most amazing vintage, worn, and torn book on sporting dogs. Most of the pages were torn apart from the binding and sprawled out on a table. I searched and rummaged until I found what I was looking for: The Golden Retriever page.


Golden Retriever

Millie Girl

Then, I found the most beautiful rustic wooden frame that perfectly fit the worn and torn Golden Retriever page and made the most PERFECT gift for my friend.


Meaningful and special decor…


The Golden Retriever is in fact, a beautiful dog.

I love the little history lesson here.

I am so excited to mail this from Virginia to my best friend Heather in Missouri. I love you, Heather! I can’t wait to see you soon!