“Babe, we’re just running to the market,” outfit.

Part 1: My doctors are weaning me off my brace. Right now, I get 2 hours of my day to go brace-less and I’m using my time wisely!

Part 2: I rarely leave my house without make-up. Thanks to Stephanie at Wyndhurst Aesthetics for the first time in forever (insert Frozen soundtrack), I feel confident completely bare faced.

Part 3: Windmageddon has come to Virginia again today and is rocking the boat and my hair.

I ordered this sweater before our accident and I’ve been oh so patiently waiting to be able to wear it!


Grid Turtleneck Sweater

image1 (29).jpeg

These boots were made for walking!

I love these boots from Banana Republic! I ordered them in fall/winter, right now they’re out of stock, but I’ve seen them peep back in stock a time or two since I’ve purchased.

image1 (30).jpeg

Bridgette Jeans Lucky Brand

image1 (24).jpeg

Ray-Ban Gang

My favorite Ray-Bans ever. You probably see me wear them way too often and I should probably switch it up, but I love them. Click here to buy and see more styles!

image1 (23).jpeg