7 MORE Professional Etiquette Rules that never go out of Style

Thank you to all who read and share my writings. I have received multiple requests to write more about professionalism, my job, and workplace tips. Thanks for the feedback!

So, here are 7 more professional etiquette rules that never go out of style:


1. Don’t interrupt

Waiting to drop the mic is more fun anyway.

You might have something really profound to say, but wait until the person who is speaking finishes before you drop the mic. Don’t you hate the feeling of being interrupted? Others do too.

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2. Kill them with Silence

“It’s not what you say, it’s what people hear,” -Frank Luntz

Choose your words carefully and don’t get fired up just because someone gets fired up and sassy with you.

I’ve recently experienced a few disgruntled humans who have barged into my office and flat out yelled and cursed at me for something I had absolutely nothing to do with.

My best advice is this: sit back, listen, let them yell, wait until they are done, and politely say, “are you done?”, and then show them the door. Most likely these humans are trying to get a reaction from you—kill them with silence. Have a chat with their superior after so you don’t say something you regret or that could jeopardize your reputation.

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3. Napkin in the Lap

You too, men.

What do you do first when sitting down for dinner? Put your dinner napkin in your lap. This goes for the men too, I don’t know why some men think they’re excluded from this rule, but they’re not. I’m talking to you, Dad! (: If you don’t do it, at higher end places, they’ll do it for you, and that’s always nice and awkward. (:

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4. Knock, Knock!

Knock on the door before entering into someone’s office. One, it’s just polite, and two, someone could be right in the middle of something important or confidential. Plus, this day in age, knocking and being invited into one’s office before entering is always the best policy.


5. Go to work, and do good work

We all have those days where it’s hard to focus and find motivation. Push through on those days—they make the harder days to come much easier. Taking pride in your work is so important—when you go to work and do good work people take note.

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6. Punctuality

People’s time is something you do not want to waste.

If you’re not 15 minutes early, you’re late. It’s much better, in my young and humble opinion, to be early—you’re better safe than sorry. It’s doesn’t matter how important, big, or minute the meeting is—be punctual and intentional. People’s time is something you do not want to waste.

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7. Be self-aware

Your persona, demeanor, and attitude have the power to make or break your office dynamic. Be the person who lights up the room, gives encouragement and says, “great job team,” when credit is due. Slowly, but eventually, your optimism will rub off on others and encourage your co-workers to be the best they can be. Vice-versa, Debbie Downer and Negative Nancy can really hinder the workplace and everyone they encounter. But, Negative Nancy might not know she’s such a bummer to be around—that’s why being self-aware is so important!

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Reply All

REPLY ALL. If someone emails you with three people carbon copied on the email, there is a reason, so REPLY ALL. Not replying all wastes time, hinders communication and collaboration and can come off as if you’re trying to nudge people out of the conversation or project. Not replying all can also be perceived as being “sneaky.” Not cool. Reply all!