Cinco de Mayo Fiesta

Not that you need an excuse to eat endless amounts of chips and guac, but Cinco de Mayo is this weekend, and hosting a fiesta is too much fun and is the perfect excuse to eat every avocado in sight.

Using household items, like jars, limes, and bottles, along with a little DIY action, last year, I created the cutest Cinco de Mayo decor for our fiesta!


Limes on Limes

Limes in jars, limes sprinkled around the tablescape, and limes as food markers. When life gives you limes, use them for everything!


Jars and bottles with twine.

These colorful, clear, and textured jars and bottles I found at an antique shop look perfect with twine wrapped around the neck.


What’s a fiesta with cacti?!

I purchased these live cacti at Home Depot and placed them in mini silver buckets from Bullseye’s Playground at Target.


DIY Tassel Napkin Wrings.

These are SO easy to make. Simply purchase single embroidery thread packs, cut enough thread to create the “wring,” and tie around the napkin. With the rest, cut the thread right through the loop to create the “tassel.” Wrap the tassel together with your choice of material. I used gold wire. Then, tie the tassel to the wring! Easy peasy!


Homemade Margs.

I don’t give away all my secrets, but who has time to squeeze enough fresh limes for margs? Not me. But here’s the next best thing: Nellie & Joe’s Key West Lime Juice.


Lime Food Markers.

Cute. Easy. Creative. LOVE.


Don’t Forget the Main Ingredient: Corona!


And the Most Important Part: Guacamole!

I’ve shared my perfect guacamole recipe on instagram, but I’ll link here…soon. (:


Colorful Patterned Table Runner.

Amazon for the win! This is actually a scarf, but hey. It is PERFECT. Here’s the link!

Now, go fiesta your pantalones off or something. I don’t know, I failed Spanish but make a mean margarita.