One of God's Greatest Callings, Happy Mother's Day!


Happy Mother’s Day, Mommy!

Last week, I had a revelation about work. Rather, I was reminded why we work and why we as Christians are called to work.

From the beginning, God called his people to work for a higher purpose. He called Noah to build the ark. He called Abraham to found a new nation. He called many to be missionaries, political leaders, craftsmen, prophets, disciples, and the list goes on. He called each person to their specific work—which is all woven together, piece by piece, creating God’s beautiful and perfect plan.

Imagine if Noah didn’t follow his call to work from God, or if Abraham and Sarah never took the journey God called them to.

Remembering these biblical stories gave me great strength, empowerment, and pride to go to work, and do good work.

These stories reminded me that God called me to work and take pride in my work. I was also reminded to be obedient.

Last year, work was a source of anxiety, depression, pain, and extreme fatigue. As I look back, there were many factors to why this was so, but the main source was that I was trusting God in every single aspect of my life, except work.

Why? Because I was too busy and felt that what I was doing was unimportant? I still don’t know the answer as to why I didn’t trust God with my work last year.

When I was reminded that work is a calling from God, I began to trust God with my work, pray over it, and for the people I work with. Immediately, life change occurred. What I once saw as the most life draining part of my life became the most life-giving part.

God started opening my eyes to what was already there—opportunities to serve, love, create, learn and gain new responsibilities, stand firm in my faith and ultimately find purpose in His calling for me. God helped me take pride in my work.

When I think of biblical figures taking pride in their work and being obedient to God in every moment, there’s one woman in my life who exemplifies the same characteristics—my Mom.

My Mom is the biological mother of two, but also a mother to far too many people to count through her work.

Oftentimes I receive compliments on how hard I work and that I am “wise beyond my years.” I get asked, “how are you only 25-years-oldand so smart?” I don’t say this to brag on myself, but to show that the reason that I receive such compliments is all from watching my mom work.

One of the best things I believe my Mom has ever given to my sister and I is involving us in her work from as early as I can remember.

She would take us on service projects with her co-workers, invite us to work-dinners when appropriate, introduce us to all her co-workers who are now some of my greatest role models and friends, and much more.

This is the reason I work hard, take pride in what I do, and why some believe I am wise beyond my years—because of my Mom’s example and allowing us to watch and take part in her call to work.

My Mom is the hardest working person I know. She’s the strongest person I know, the smartest person I know, the kindest person I know, and the firmest person I know.

She is a top leader of one of the most highly respected institutions of higher education on the planet.

No matter what, she is obedient to God’s calling of her. With each year, it seems she’s given more responsibilities, but she is obedient and continues to takes on more and more roles.

Her obedience to God has changed so many lives for the better. Through God she gives others opportunities, loves people who may seem “unlovable” to the world, and leads so fiercely that it is truly an inspiration to more young woman than she will ever know.

Every Mother’s Day she spends her entire day loving, encouraging, and congratulating hundreds of college graduates and their families. She dresses in her regalia, goes to baccalaureate and commencement, and spends her whole day celebrating others as they go on discover and fulfill their call to work.

One of God’s greatest callings to work is being a Mother—and I believe I have the greatest one.

I could never put into words all that you mean to me and our family. I love you, Mommy. Happy Mother’s Day.