Remember Praying for This?


Remember praying for this?

As Mason starts his first official week of medical school, I’ve been reflecting on how we got to this moment. I thought to myself, “remember praying for this?”

With an extra grateful heart, I remembered the days, weeks, months, and years that lead to this very moment. I remember praying for Mason’s journey to fulfill his dream of becoming a medical doctor when I met him in undergrad in 2012. I jokingly called him, “Dr. Farris,” when we were only dreaming of the day, he would get accepted into not only a medical school, but a medical school that was right for him, that was right for us.

God answers prayers. I’ve always believed that God answers prayers in three ways: yes, no, and wait.

In our case, God answered our prayers with all three of his answers in this order: no, wait, yes. It’s been a journey, one that we’re still navigating but every day we uncover why God answered our prayers the way He did. I am so grateful he answered our prayers with many nos first, countless waits after, then finally a yes.

I remember praying with Mason that he would get accepted into a very specific school right out of undergrad, right after we got married. That answer was no. Looking back, I am SO GLAD Mason didn’t start medical school right after we graduated college and got married. We needed that time to be fully together, travel, and enjoy one another and our families.

We never stopped praying, but when it was time for Mason to apply again, we started praying bigger than we ever have. I remember sitting in church in our hometown of Branson, Missouri and our pastor, preaching on the power of prayer, saying “be BOLD with your prayers, ask God for what you want, what He wants, ask God for clarity and wisdom, ask God that His will be done, pray the most AUDACIOUS prayers you could ever pray, pray STRONG.”

That sermon has always stuck with me—and I still have my notes from it from the summer of 2016.

So, we began praying in that exact way. After a couple more definite no’s, we received a wait that we never even had on our radar. Mason decided he wanted to get his Master’s degree before going into medical school (smart choice, by the way).

We took a leap of faith and moved to Virginia for Mason’s Master’s degree rather than making the decision to stay close to home. We had options for his Master’s, but with prayer, deep thought, and advice from various mentors, we felt God pushing us to Virginia.

The “wait” stage was the most challenging, humbling, and learning experience God could have ever given to us.

While Mason worked towards his Master’s, I received the most incredible career opportunity that I never thought I would have in my wildest dreams. This career has challenged me and I’ve learned so much at such a young age that I will forever and ever be grateful for. It’s been fun, hard, many tears have been shed, but I’m beyond grateful.

God knows what He’s doing, so don’t get frustrated with that wait. (:

After praying together along with an army of you who are probably reading this right now very boldly and never ceasing, we finally received the yes we longed for—and it was the right medical school for Mason and the right medical school for us—right here in Virginia!

No matter how long, no matter what direction, no matter how, the prayer was answered—because we prayed without ceasing audacious prayers, we are here. We are so thankful to God for mapping our journey in His perfect way that only he understands but that we discover day by day why His plan is PERFECT and why he says no, wait, and yes.

We’re thankful for our family, friends, co-workers, connections, and all who have helped us and prayed for us so graciously along the way.


The next time you’re feeling a down or overwhelmed because of a prayer answered with a no or feeling anxious in the answer of a wait, think about a time God answered your prayer in His perfect way.

Think to yourself, “remember praying for this?” Whether it’s prayers for physical healing, mental strength, happiness, to have a baby, to have your dream job, for love, for safety, for your friend or family member who was struggling, whatever it may be—just think, “remember praying for this,” and relish the faithfulness of our God.

This week has been full speed ahead with the start of medical school and a busy beyond busy time at work for me. Feeling tired, overwhelmed, and piled with worry, I thought, “remember praying for this?” and God lifted my spirits while I looked at my husband’s beautiful white coat, and I was reminded me there is NOTHING you can’t overcome with the Lord on your side and the power of prayer.

1 Thessalonians 5:16 – 18 “Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.”

future doctor.jpg

Embarrassing photo from undergrad but one we’ll cherish.